Your AHU circulates, cleans, heats, cools, humidifies, dehumidifies and mixes air, then conducts it to the required area. This unit plays a critical role in the creation of a comfortable working space for your employees. Being specialized in HVAC products & services for Marine & Industrial Needs, we are the best one stop provider when choosing the AHU for your vessel as well as for installation, maintenance and repairment services associated with it.


Thanks to our expertise, we can customize our offering to the most suitable product to our customers. With all needed information, Roger International will be able to supply you with the equipment adjusted to air volume and flow rate needed. The unit size will also be adapted to fit any type of space.

  1. Air volumes from 700 CFM and up to 41,000CFM
  2. Non-standard units can be produced for any application with higher flow rate up to 50,000CFM
  3. Lower & smaller units can also be customized for installation with height and space limits.

At Roger International, our team of field operators offers a unique expertise ensuring the correct installation of your Air Handling Unit. Improper techniques can ruin expensive equipment, incur hefty fines, and even place the installer’s life at risk. When Installing any HVAC equipment, please ask professionals for advice. You can as well check our large range of installation, maintenance and repairment services.



If your unit fails, brokedown or simply performs poorly, get in touch and we will be able to troubleshoot in no time. Moreover, thanks to a well organised stock management, we have all spare parts you need and are at your disposal without delay in all ports, shipyards and anchorages in both China and Singapore.

Our services include vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, precision alignment, preventative maintenance, complete overhauls, on-site repairs, removals & installations of any spare parts such as bearing & seal.



Maintenance operations on your AHU will positively impact the durability of its optimal performance. Such a unit is regularly exposed to dirt and other types of pollutants. It requires regular coil cleaning as well as filters replacement. Along with cleaning and decontamination, our technicians will conduct the various operations steps for inspection, securing parts and confirmation checks.

Because your AHU is constantly exposed to exterior polluants and operates constantly, it is often subjected to several problems such as corrosion, leaks and else.

With our organized stock management, we are able to replace any broken parts like fans, motors, pipes, etc accordingly with the objective of refurbishing your unit to deliver energy efficient equipment with optimal performance & reliability in the long run.