Overhauling of Air Compressors


The compressor is what we could call the heart of your HVAC system. It is indeed not only the most expensive but also the most vital component since it is responsible for circulating and compressing refrigerant. In order words, if your A/C compressor doesn’t work, no cooling will be provided. Such a situation can cause considerable damage to your HVAC system as well as put your safety and the one of your crew at risk.

Your compressor is a complex piece of technology which has been designed to run non-stop for a long period. Nonetheless, we know from our expertise after which amount of running hours the overhauling of your compressor is necessary in order to prevent failures, as well as preserving the efficiency of your system.

When Should you Overhaul Your Compressor?

Thanks to our expertise, we know when to overhaul a unit according to different indicators. Vibration of your bearing, oil contamination with metal fragments and other signs of fatigue and wear show some of the internal parts of your system have been damaged. After years of experiences, we know exactly when in time overhauling is required and how much wear your equipment has taken. We eventually propose to you a set of spare parts with the support and service.  

If you are a ship manager and you want to both guarantee the well-functioning of your compressor as well as reduce your maintenance and repairment costs in the long run, then we have the solution for you. Our team of experts offer adapted service intervals for compressors with 10,00015,000 and 20,000 running hours.