As professionals and experts of HVAC solutions for Marine & Industrial needs, we know good air conditioning depends on the interaction of heat exchanger coils within the air handling unit air stream. As such, you want to make sure such equipment is working smoothly.

Having a defective system can lead to critical consequences for both your ship and your crew.

To avoid such situation, we are able to customize, fabricate and supply all kind of Heat Exchangers ie. Evaporator cooling coils, Steam cooling coils, Chiller coils and Oil cooling coils you need as well as providing installation, repairs & maintenance all along.


Why should you trust Roger International for the installation of your Heat exchanger?

There are a multitude of different Heat exchangers on the market. The installation of this type of equipment is often complying with individual needs and depends not only on your HVAC system but also on the available space as well as many other factors. As such, the installation methods vary depending upon the exact type of unit and the environment of operation thus requiring the presence of our team of experts.

When customizing, fabricating, supplying and installing your Heat exchanger, we will consider every single constraint and unicity of our system in order to provide you with suitable and durable equipment. You can be sure that correct fittings and pipe work will be used according to the quality and temperature of flowing fluids as well as the different levels of pressure.

As a matter of facts, many heat exchangers experience rapid failures and corrosion because of either unadjusted installation (wrong orientation of your heat exchanger, bad quality of seals, resistance of used materials…) or wrong data collecting. In order to know which Heat exchanger shall be installed, we need to be aware of the exact flow, pressure and temperature indicators of your unit. Do not hesitate to call us or let us inspect your installation for free in order to identify the requirements of your new heat exchangers.


How do you make your heat exchanger last longer?

Heat exchangers, if regularly checked and taken care of, can be expected to perform during a longer period than many other parts of your HVAC system. Indeed, compared to Compressors or packaged units, heat exchangers have no moving parts and are not the most exposed equipment to wear and fatigue.

However, the lifetime of your compressor can be seriously reduced if you do not perform sufficient routine checks and maintenance operations. If some cleaning actions can be achieved by your crew as well as regular pressure and temperature checks, regular maintenance by our team of experts will ensure the prevention of failures and keep you updated on the operating state of your Heat exchanger thus allowing you to better manage your future investments for your HVAC system.

Do not wait for the vibration of your pipes or leaks. We are at multiple locations and we perform direct service at ports, anchorage, shipyards in China and Singapore.


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