How to Choose the Right Packaged Unit for Your HVAC System?



We are endeavored to propose the most suitable HVAC products and services for Marine & Industrial Needs. As such, we bring the benefits and capabilities of packaged air conditioners a step further by providing:

  1. Seawater cooled package air conditioners meant for marine applications
  2. Individual customization of your unit
  3. Installation services for your Packaged Unit
  4. Adapted Maintenance for your Packaged unit
  5. Direct repairment services



At Roger International, we believe HVAC systems should comply with the environment they are in and as such be sourced and powered with resources that are abundant and at direct disposal. Running your Packaged air conditioner with sea water is part of this logic. We also propose fresh water cooled systems.


2. Individual customization FOR YOUR PACKAGED UNIT

In addition to our services of Installation, Maintenance and repairment, Roger International also proposes you to customize the parameters of your Unit. Indeed, the adaptation of voltage, horsepower, Cycles and so on to your needs will guarantee the smooth functioning of your equipment as well as avoiding unit incompatibility.


3. Installation Services FOR YOUR PACKAGED UNIT

If Packaged Units offer a lot of simplicity and flexibility, they still need to be properly installed in order to operate as expected. For more than a decay, we often came across Packaged units that had been improperly installed thus leading to early failure or leaks. Power supply and wiring, Air duct connections, Drain facilities and many other components require professional attention. Letting us Install your unit will protect you from such situations.


4. Adapted Maintenance FOR YOUR PACKAGED UNIT

As experts of HVAC equipment, we strongly recommend you to routinely conduct checks and maintenance on your packaged unit in order to prevent any failures. We guarantee the maintenance operations we provide will protect the efficiency of your compressor as much as extend its lifetime thus making you save time and money for the next coming years.


5. Direct repairment services FOR YOUR PACKAGED UNIT

Because a package unit gathers coils, fans and motors in only one system, you cannot afford to end up with out of order equipment. If your packaged unit shuts down or does not perform as efficiently as it is supposed to be, this could lead to grave consequences you certainly want to avoid. Thanks to our presence in China and Singapore and to our team of experts, we are able to perform repairment operations without delay in all anchorages, ports and shipyards in an optimized time.


Here are some of the advantages our clients profit from

  1. Guaranteed Support And Follow-Up All Along The Process
  2. Service Intervals A/C Compressor For 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 working hours.
  3. Contact Us And Get A Free Complimentary Inspection From Our Team Of Experts
  4. Direct Service In Anchorages, Ports And Shipyards In China & Singapore
  5. At Your Disposal Without Delay Thanks To Our Organized Stock Management
  6. Warranty Of 6 Months To 1 Year If The Installation Of Your Remanufactured Compressor Is Done By Our Team
  7. A multitude of services in Repairment, Installation, Maintenance and Overhauling for your compressor and other HVAC equipments


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