Case Study – PLC & Electronics Expansion Valves Error with Heavy Contamination System

Case Study - Low Cooling Efficiency in Gantry Crane, Hence AC Supply & Installation (Main AC, Evaporator Coil & Packaged Unit Replacement)

It was found that the vessel suffered from overall low HVAC performance which was due to the PLC malfunctioning, causing system unable to perform due to electronic based.

The provided solution was that we will be able to resolve PLC malfunction error as well as refurbished and retrofitted for both Main AC system through overhauling.

Case Study – Low Cooling Efficiency in Gantry Crane, Hence Main AC, Evaporator Coil & Packaged Unit Replacement

Case Study - Low Cooling Efficiency in Gantry Crane, Hence AC Supply & Installation (Main AC, Evaporator Coil & Packaged Unit Replacement)

The issue that we are dealing with bad room cooling and low packaged units performance.
Issues were rectified in a shipyard with the need of scaffolding to get to the concerned area.

All operations could be accomplished without delay and our client was satisfied with the new optimized performance of his HVAC system.

When to Replace Your Condenser? What are the Signs of Wear and Tear?


A condenser is one of the main components of your home air conditioning system as well as a key element in providing a comfortable environment to your ship. The condenser’s job is to reject heat absorbed in the evaporator coil of HVAC system in general.

Taking into consideration that Cooling efficiency of a HVAC system is very important on a long journey. When will you know to replace it?

Case Study – Major HVAC Operations Works in Replacement of Condenser and Compresser

Case Study - Major HVAC Operation in overhauling, removal and reinstallation of HVAC System

It was found that HVAC System 2 compressor and condenser was causing low HVAC performance. Units suffered from extensive operating hours and overhauling services is highly recommended.

A major operation of such scale is usually done in shipyards. However, with our special techniques and processes, the operations was completed in the port as 2 jobs and completed within 2 calls.

Learn more in this case study.

Case Study – Poor HVAC Performance, Hence AC Maintenance & Valve/Pipes/Flanges Renewal By Australia Riding Crew

Case Study - CMA CGM Rossini with Riding Crew to solve HVAC issues on board vessel

This case study is about poor HVAC performance and it’s resolved by our Riding Crew in Australia.

As we all know that a HVAC system has many parts and equipment to make up a whole system. Suction valves, pipes anf flanges are not excluded in this case as well.

Suction and stop valves were changed with adequate ones and flushing of the system was also done to remove all contaminant deposits that have formed in the unit. As part of our working process and in order to ensure a long lasting optimal performance, filter cores were renewed and several hours of leakage tests were conducted.

All works has been conducted by our Riding Crew in 2 different locations in Australia.

Facing Issues with Old Furniture, Carpet, Sofa, Curtains But Got No Solutions?


Roger International does not only supplies all kinds of Compressors, brand new or remanufactured types, but also brings constant support to its clients by offering a multitude of adapted services for Marine & Industrial needs. Our team is at your disposal all along the operations from the installation of your compressor to its maintenance.

Advantages of PLC Automation for Your HVAC System


Are you considering installing a PLC for your HVAC system? Then you should be aware of the complexity of such operations. At Roger International, we are able to not only install PLCs but also to parameter them accordingly. As a matter of fact, all HVAC systems are unique and require then suitable PLC. To achieve a proper installation, our engineers and technicians have to calculate and measure different parameters in addition to having access to specific documentation about the system

Case Study – Fabrication & Renewal of Evaporator Coil Conducted by Riding Crew in Hongkong

Evaporator leakage and cannot be identified?

Cooling deficiency?

After running through an inspection and following our 5 Steps Formulation, the AHU’s evaporator coil was showing signs of fatigue. There are also internal leakages which could not be seen from outside were also identified.

Solution proposed was to install a new coil which was customized fabrication according to the ship requirements. Most importantly, The installation process was completed within 24 hours.

All works has been conducted by our Riding Crew in 2 different locations in Hongkong.

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