When to Replace Your Condenser? What are the Signs of Wear and Tear?



Facing issues with your condensers?


Here are a few symptoms:

  1. The age of your unit: Average life expectancy of such products is around 15 years or more if correctly maintained. If repairing a condenser with only a few years of operation life might not be a problem and turn out to be an economic solution, old condensers tend to accumulate failures even after repair. If this happens, you may consider buying a new one.
  2. Leaks and damaged tubes: Corrosion of your tubes as well as cracks and leaks will result in a loss of cooling ability or worse not mentioning the excess noise it produces. If those are minor and taken care of from scratch, repair should do the job. However, equipment in poor condition will cause numerous failures and cost you more in the long run than purchasing a new unit.
  3. Refrigerant regulations: As an example, the European Union has passed the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation recently, a real game-changing standard.For your equipment to always comply with rules, make sure it can run with the new generations of refrigerant. At Roger international, we provide retrofitting services to convert your refrigerants in environment friendly FREON gases
  4. Obsolescence of your system: We are always UpToDate on new technologies and improvements in line with our policy to provide the best quality to our clients and partners. Go and check Some of the new units we propose with less maintenance requirement as well as longer durability.


To conclude, the decision to whether repair or replace your existing unit will depend on the age of your AC system as well as which parts are being replaced.

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