Advantages of PLC Automation for Your HVAC System


Are you considering installing a PLC for your HVAC system?

Then you should be aware of the complexity of such operations. At Roger International, we are able to not only install PLCs but also to parameter them accordingly. As a matter of fact, all HVAC systems are unique and require then suitable PLC. To achieve a proper installation, our engineers and technicians have to calculate and measure different parameters in addition to having access to specific documentation about the system. 

It all starts with PLC panel design with preparation of documents like Control Philosophy, Logic Flow Chart, IO list, specification, and layout. Those same documents will help us identify the type of PLC required and manufacture it accordingly. When the equipment is manufactured, we are able to install it directly and without delay in any sort of ships. This done, our engineers conduct testing and commissioning operations in order to verify the functional correctness of the controller as well as ensuring safety requirements. If any signs of malfunction are noticed, our experts will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem. 

Moreover, we are also able to program additional functions to your PLC in order to make it more performant or answer to extra needs such as safety measures and else. In addition, we are also able to repair any PLC failures and else in optimized time. By trusting Roger International, you will be guaranteed a solution to reduce annual maintenance costs of your HVAC system as well as optimized control, understanding and use of your equipment.


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