Facing Issues with Old Furniture, Carpet, Sofa, Curtains But Got No Solutions?



We are growing!

We started off in Singapore, China and have grown to Europe!

We have great news for all our clients and (maybe) new customers! Thanks to our vast experience as HVAC experts in the marine industry, we have become aware of all the needs and constraints you face every day when working on a vessel.

That’s why we decided to extend our expertise to the manufacturing of custom carpentry as well as upholstery and furniture work for all your ships!




In fact, we have been working on ships for almost two decades and we strive to make your workspace even more comfortable. If air conditioning plays a huge role in it, the same goes for all the furniture that surrounds you when you are at sea for a long period of time. 

Because we know that every ship, every taste, every need and every space requirement is unique, we decided to specialize in designing custom furniture. Identifying and understanding your needs is the key to creating the corresponding table, sofas and else.

As with our HVAC service, it’s all about being fast and flexible. Because no one like Roger International knows your time constraints better than we do, we have developed a unique work process that we have acquired through experience and are able to deliver your new furniture in the material of your choice as fast as 1 to 2 days, depending on manufacturing requirements.

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If you would like to discuss any details relating to the services we can provide, please use the form below or email us at repair@rogerintl.com


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