Quick Tips to Prolong Your Split Type Air Conditioner to Serve You as Long as Possible



You should start doing this by now!


Regular routine checks are the best advice we can give you to methodically optimize your investment in the long run. Too many failures and minor problems can be avoided by simply taking the time to regularly check your split air conditioner. There are indeed many operations you can conduct yourself such as:

  • Replacing your filters
  • Lubricate your bearings
  • Remove deposits stuck within your equipment
  • Cleaning your coils

Nonetheless, maintenance performed by a professional from time to time or when it is necessary should also be considered. Indeed, some maintenance operations stay highly technical and can be carried out by our team of experts.

For example:  

  • Checking of refrigerant levels with possibility of gas conversion,
  • Airflow analysis
  • Leak testing

Remember, poor maintenance will result in higher energy and repairment costs (if not the replacement of your conditioner) as well as decreasing performance.


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