When to Start Considering the Replacement of your Split Air Conditioner?



Yet to decide if you should replace your split type Air conditioner now?


When facing a failure, a freeze-up or a total breakdown of your unit, do not rush things and consider first the time and money you will have to spend if you decide to purchase a new split air conditioner.

In fact, in certain situations, we are able to provide repair service in a fast and professional way. A refrigerant leak? Extreme temperatures within the room? Noises coming out of your split system? Room air temperatures coming out of your unit?

All those problems along with many others can be solved by our field operators without delay as well as any installation and maintenance operations in Anchorages, shipyards and ports in both China and Singapore.

However, repetitive repairment needs are a sign that your split air conditioner is not functioning correctly anymore.

 If you can expect your unit to operate up to more than 15 years with good maintenance, many conditioners start showing signs of fatigue and wear due to overuse just after 10 years or even less. At this point, you should consider buying a new split air conditioner to avoid any risks of breakdown in critical moments.


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