Air Filter

Air Filter
The Frame is constructed of rigid Aluminum / Galvanized material. The Media is made of High Tech synthetic media fiber. In order to get the highest efficiency of the filter, the filter is designed with pleated type media fibre in order to increase the surface area to get the highest filtration possible when in operation.

Bag Filter
Pockets are affixed into the frame via mouth ring to form a catch that prevents pocket dislodge during normal operations. Filter media is of high quality synthetic fiber which consists of 4 layers. It provides high holding capacity and low resistance. However, the pockets are ultrasonically sealed to prevent air leakage. Pockets are held by the mouth rings to ensure pockets to handle air flow constantly and enhance utilization area. This is to improve the dust holding capacity.

HEPA Filter
Constructed with rigid metal frame. The filter is constructed out of AL separator pleated with media pack in order to provide the high efficiency with lowest possible resistance. This construction would increase the surface area of the filtration being fully occupied by the air that flows through.



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