Case Study – AHU Evaporator Fabrication & Renewal Scope

Evaporator leakage and cannot be identified?

Cooling deficiency?

After running through an inspection and following our 5 Steps Formulation, the AHU’s evaporator coil was showing signs of fatigue. There are also internal leakages which could not be seen from outside were also identified.

Solution proposed was to install a new coil which was customized fabrication according to the ship requirements. Most importantly, The installation process was completed within 24 hours.

Case Study – Maintenance Program for SMC106S, CMO28/26 Compressors


Are you experiencing unknown low cooling efficiency?

Similar to the previous case study on HVAC issues and how resolved the issue of low cooling efficiency.

As per our 5 steps flow set up, we first have identified the problem, shared our findings and solution: Overhauling of the main AC as well as HVAC maintenance program for SMC106s, CMO28 & 26 Compressors were proposed. After close inspection, our engineers’ troubleshooting solution was also to overhaul the main AC while multiple spare parts were required for replacement.

The Importance of Maintenance for Compressors


Roger International does not only supplies all kinds of Compressors, brand new or remanufactured types, but also brings constant support to its clients by offering a multitude of adapted services for Marine & Industrial needs. Our team is at your disposal all along the operations from the installation of your compressor to its maintenance.

4 Tips Relating to the Correct Procedure in Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring & Circuit Board


Regular maintenance of wiring and circuit board is the key to an efficient and long lasting HVAC system. Thanks to our know-how, we’re able to identify any potential early signs of wear or fatigue of your system and conduct appropriate operations in order to solve any issues before they lead to the failure of any of your HVAC equipment.

Case Study – Low AHU Performance & AHU Renewal Work


Are you experiencing Low AHU system running on low cooling efficiency?

This is a case study of how we identified the vessel’s HVAC issues and resolved the issue of low cooling efficiency. The vessel was anchored at Tuas Megayard, Singapore for the service rendering.

As per our 5 steps flow set up, we first identified the problem; the old unit reached an advanced stage of corrosion, especially the coils and the blower. Contaminants were also found in the system. The solution is to install and replace the ship’s AHU as the old unit is malfunctioning due to wear and tear.

COVID-19 Safety Measures In Place @ Roger International

COVID-19 Safety Measures In Place @ Roger International

Maritime transport, an indispensable vector of globalization through which more than 80% of raw materials and goods transit, is suffering from the Covid pandemic due to the economic slowdown, but also to containment measures decided by most countries.

In the current unprecedented times, the coronavirus pandemic has triggered severe consequences for societies and nations. The maritime industry is essential in the response against the related economic slowdown.

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